Fantasy Feet Dance Academy Rules


We are all here to learn and enjoy classes, please observe the following rules to make sure the school is a pleasant place to learn.


  • Please keep noise in the changing rooms to an acceptable level, No shouting or screaming.


  • No dancing in the main corridor


  • Please keep your belongings tidy, remember that others need space to change to.


  • Rubbish is to be put into the bins or taken with you; the Teaching faculty are not here to clean up after you.


  • Students & Parents will show respect to all staff & students. Students should address all staff as Mrs. Miss or Mr.


  • Correct uniform must be worn to classes with no exception


  • Hair must be groomed correctly i.e.- a bun or classical style for Ballet


  • Only one stud may be worn in each ear for classes, no other jewellery is permitted


  • Please leave any valuables at home


  • All students should be aware of good hygiene


  • Please keep the bathroom facilities, as you would like to find them and notify the teachers of any problems.  Please dispose of items correctly and do not flush items that could block the systems.


  • No Smoking anywhere in the building


  • The office and costume room is out of bounds unless invited in.


  • When making your way through the St David’s Studio to the Guild Studio please do so quietly so as not to disturb any class that is running.


  • Please respect the studios


  • Community Rooms are out of bounds unless informed otherwise


  • Tea & Coffee are available, this is chargeable at £1 per cup and will be located in the girls changing room.  There will be a jar for the cost that will not be supervised by teachers, if this is found to be taken advantage of, or abused the coffee machine will be withdrawn.


  • All students to line up outside the studio before classes regardless of their age and must wait to be invited into the studio by the teacher


  • No Parents in the studios unless it is an emergency or there is a problem, please contact Miss Gemma on 07975 534267 between 8:30am – 8:00pm to order uniform or answer any queries


  • Please be on time for classes and if you are running late please let us know how long and the reason. Please also ensure you collect your student no later than 10 mins after class.


       •      There will be a parents meeting at the end of each term to allow you to discuss     

               and queries or problems that you might have. This will be a group session and    

               we really hope you will attend it. We would like to ask that any questions you   

               have be put in writing by text, letter or email at least one week before. So that    

               we can definitely answers those questions.


  • If there are any problems or situations that are going on inside or away from the dance school that are affecting your student, please talk to us as if we are not informed then we can not help the student as they deserve. I.e.- Bereavement, they may need to be approached more sensitively.


  • If a student is ill or injured please can they bring something to write in and with so when they are watching they can take notes to help them.

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We now offer the Alixa Flexibility method of training as part of our sylllabus, students will start to use this technique in classes from February 2020  






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